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Transform your legislation tracker Excel spreadsheets or PDF reports into dynamic, interactive maps with HighQ iSheets and Engineer.Map.

> Read the case study from Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP here.


Engineer.Map is a custom data visualization that integrates with HighQ iSheets and transforms table data into a slick, interactive map.

Choice columns in the HighQ iSheet automatically create 1 or more new layers for the map (i.e. representing components of legislation), and colors are applied from the iSheet configuration meaning that updates to maps can be made entirely from within HighQ's iSheet with no code changes.

Features >

  • Map Layers are created automatically from iSheet choice columns

  • Colors are applied directly from the iSheet choice column configuration

  • Updates to maps can be made entirely from within HighQ iSheets

  • Automatically created legend for each map layer

  • Link Regions to an iSheet record or other HighQ content such as wiki pages or an external URL.

Regions >

Currently available regions include:*

  • US States + DC

  • All US States and Territories

  • Canada

  • Europe + British Isles

  • Europe + Principalities

  • Australia

* Additional map configuration files are available for other regions upon request.


Configuration is a simple as pasting a line of code and adding a HighQ link.

Engineer.Map can be used throughout your HighQ instance.

An unlimited number of maps can be generated in an unlimited number of sites for an unlimited number of users.


Engineer.Map is hosted entirely within your HighQ instance with no external dependencies, meaning that the code, and your data, remains secure.


US $8,000 one time cost. No recurring subscription fees.

EngineerMap pricing includes:

  • code libraries for up to 2 HighQ instances (production and development),

  • a single map configuration file (e.g. Continental US)

  • installation;

  • deployment of an initial use case;

  • training; and

  • access to documentation.

Additional map configuration files are available for other regions upon request.

Video Mini-Demo >

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