HighQ API 101

HighQ API 101 Training Sessions

An introduction to HighQ's API, what it allows and how to work with it

A 2 and a half hour 1 to 1 or private, small group practical training session working with the fundamentals of HighQ Collaborate's API; from getting started and authenticating through to making your first calls and using the responses.

We’ll cover how the API relates to normal usage of HighQ and use Swagger to quickly understand what can be done. We’ll cover the difference between GET, POST, PUT and DELETE calls and understand responses, when things work, and when they don’t.

Optionally, we can cover how to make calls to the API from Postman and even generate code as the foundation of an application to start scheduling actions.

We’ll go over best practices and common pitfalls in a safe test environment so there are no risks while learning.

Price: US $1,200

*Payment is required in full at the time of booking by Credit/Debit Card or ACH/Bank Transfer. A 50% refund will be offer if session is cancelled with 7 day's notice. No refund will be offered for cancellation inside of 7 days.