Lists for HighQ - EngineerList

EngineerList turns HighQ iSheet data into an attractive, interactive panel layout that resizes automatically for mobile and desktop use. EngineerList is useful for legislation tracking in global data where a world map isn't appropriate, or for displaying real estate portfolios, patents, case/matter status and more.​ EngineerList can create links to specific iSheet records to provide more details, dynamically filter the Tasks module to show corresponding actions for each matter or generate a dynamic comparison table.

Totals Panel

EngineerList can display the total number rows in the iSheet for each piece of data in a compact home page widget. Useful to show how many patents are held in each region, or how many entities are under each corporate structure.

Security and Configuration

EngineerList is hosted entirely within your HighQ instance with no external dependencies meaning that the code, and your data, remains secure.
List is accessible from any site in your HighQ instance meaning that an unlimited number of widgets can be generated in an unlimited number of sites for an unlimited number of users.


US $8,000

EngineerList pricing includes code libraries for up to 2 HighQ instances (production and development), installation, deployment of an initial use case, training and access to documentation.