Maps for HighQ - EngineerMap

Dynamically transform your legislation tracker Excel spreadsheet into a living map with HighQ iSheets and EngineerMap. Using a simple snippet of JavaScript that can be copied into a HighQ Home Page, this application transforms table data into a slick, interactive user interface.

Choice columns in the HighQ iSheet automatically create new layers for the map representing components of the legislation and colors are applied from the iSheet configuration, meaning that updates to map can be made entirely from within HighQ and with no code changes.

The application dynamically creates a legend for each map layer to make the map self-explanatory and each region can link to an iSheet record, another HighQ page such wiki content, or an external URL.

Litigation Tracking

The code can also handle cases where there are multiple rows for each region in the map. Here the code will shade each region based on the number of cases and dynamically create a legend to show the grouping. Clicking on a region will drill down to show all rows in the iSheet that relate to that region.

Custom Maps

EngineerMap supports fully custom maps allowing complete flexibility from global and regional down to municipal or even building level. For specific map requests email

Security and Configuration

EngineerMap is hosted entirely within your HighQ instance with no external dependencies meaning that the code, and your data, remains secure.
EngineerMap is accessible from any site in your HighQ instance meaning that an unlimited number of maps can be generated in an unlimited number of sites for an unlimited number of users.


US $8,000

EngineerMap pricing includes code libraries for up to 2 HighQ instances (production and development), a single map configuration file (i.e. Continental US), installation, deployment of an initial use case, training and access to documentation. Additional map configuration files are available for other regions upon request.