Tables for HighQ - EngineerTable

EngineerTable can embed resizable, configurable iSheet table widgets into HighQ Home and Wiki pages without the need to use iframes or make calls to the HighQ API.


EngineerTable can transpose iSheet coumns to create side-by-side comparison tables. When used with EngineerList or EngineerMap these comparison tables can be dynamically updated as the user interacts with those data visualisations.


Use iSheets to create contact card widgets for people who do not have access to HighQ Collabroate. EngineerTable will display contact data as a "contact card" and can include collapsible panels for each contact to show and hide longer bios or other background.

Security and Configuration

EngineerTable is hosted entirely within your HighQ instance with no external dependencies meaning that the code, and your data, remains secure.
Table is accessible from any site in your HighQ instance meaning that an unlimited number of widgets can be generated in an unlimited number of sites for an unlimited number of users.


US $4,000

EngineerTable pricing includes code libraries for up to 2 HighQ instances (production and development), installation, deployment of an initial use case, training and access to documentation.