Client-facing legal apps. Engineered.

Engineer.Legal is accelerating innovation delivery and maximizing the value law firms get from their client-facing technologies. Whether your project is pushing the limits of the tools you have, integrating multiple platforms, enhancing user experience, or starting completely from scratch, Engineer.Legal can help.

The legal "front door"

Many law firms are working towards creating a unified digital experience for their clients to meet the expectations that the financial services industry has created with banking apps. Engineer.Legal works with AMLAW and Global firms to provide seamless client-facing technology experiences from authentication, through content delivery and long-term engagement.


Hands-on development assistance leveraging secure coding, legal design thinking and user-focus to build atop the platforms you own


Applying industry standard software development methodologies to boost consistency and catch showstoppers early


Assistance with creating your own innovation processes to increase your innovation cadence and boost engagement across the firm

Forging technology relationships




Client Portals

Client portals are a confluence and focal point for a law firm's entire technology stack, where document management, case and project management, knowledge and billing all come together to meet client demands.

Developing a client portal that is scalable and accessible while sensitive to information security risks is what Engineer.Legal is all about.

Ask about:

  • Client portal strategy

  • Integration with DMS, CMS, PMS, AD, or other 3rd party SaaS

  • API's

  • Portal design and templating

  • Information security

Low Code Applications

Low code platforms help legal engineers rapidly progress from idea to product and then iterate far more quickly than with a custom code base. Drag and drop user interfaces using standard components can get prototypes into stakeholders' hands in hours or days instead of weeks or months.

Combining a low-code tool with knowledge of coding principles (and years of law firm experience) will greatly improve the speed and quality of your application deployment.

Ask about:

  • Low-code platform selection

  • Development lifecycles

  • Design decisions

  • Platform extensibility

  • Custom code enhancements

Client Workflows

When client-facing applications need to do more than present or collect data workflow tools can assist with creating conduits to get information to the right stakeholders as efficiently as possible.

Whether that's building a new client/matter onboarding, self-service knowledge tools, or document assembly Engineer.Legal can help design and implement a solution.

Ask about:

  • Knowledge engineering and requirements gathering

  • Platform selection

  • Integrations and triggers

  • Extensibility