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Engineer.Calendar enables you to see dates from iSheets and tasks in a customizable, resizable calendar widget that can be embedded in Home Pages and Wiki modules, without the need create duplicate, out of sync events in the Events module.

 Calendars from iSheets >

Engineer.Calendar can read HighQ standard iSheets as well as file and task metadata iSheets to create a calendar view as part of a comprehensive project management dashboard.

Use Cases >

Engineer.Calendar can be used for Litigation Case Management, Real Estate, Portflio Management and wherever you want to track your event data. 

 Features >


Engineer.Claendar is hosted entirely within your HighQ instance with no external dependencies, meaning that the code, and your data, remains secure.


US $8,000 / EU €7,400 / GB £6,600 + VAT - one time cost. 

No recurring subscription fees. 

Engineer.Calendar pricing includes:

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