> For HighQ

Engineer.Timeline can show your HighQ users progression on litigation or transaction matters directly from home or wiki dashboards without the need to access the tasks module or iSheets.

Task Dashboards >

Engineer.Timeline can read HighQ task metadata iSheets to create timeline widgets as part of a comprehensive project management dashboard.

Task status, title, priority or any combination of these can be displayed. A dropdown menu allows the user to toggle tasks by list.

Chronology >

In large litigation matters or other long-running cases Engineer.Timeline can be set to a scrolling vertical view to accommodate hundreds of entities, this can make getting up to speed on complex matters a breeze.

Custom iSheets >

For non-Task data, Engineer.Timeline can be created from a custom iSheet even without dates, based on sort order. 

Custom colors from an iSheet choice column can be applied as a status indicator.

Engineer.Timeline is mobile responsive and scrollable to make the best use of screen space.


Engineer.Timeline is hosted entirely within your HighQ instance with no external dependencies, meaning that the code, and your data, remains secure.


US $4,000 / EU €3,700 / GBP £3,300 + VAT -  one time cost. 

No recurring subscription fees. 

Engineer.Timeline pricing includes: 

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