HighQ Plug-ins 

Leveraging HighQ's iSheet integration capability, Engineer.Legal has a range of pre-built custom data visualization plug-ins that can be quickly and securely added to a HighQ instance.


Engineer.Map dynamically transforms your legislation trackers, horizon scans, or litigation cases into an interactive, clickable map or heatmap. 


Engineer.List turns HighQ iSheet reg trackers, real estate portfolios or fund holdings, into an attractive, interactive panel layout that resizes automatically for mobile use.


Engineer.Table can embed resizable, configurable iSheet table widgets and comparison tables into HighQ Home and Wiki pages without the need to use iframes or make calls to the HighQ API. 


Provide visual updates to matter progression as part of your HighQ dashboards with Engineer.Timeline. Show live status information across multiple matters with a interactive dropdown menu.


Engineer.Gantt enables you to see a birds eye view of your projects and matters directly from the home or wiki modules, without the need to access the Tasks module or iSheets. 


Engineer.Calendar takes imported litigation deadline, docket events, or iSheet tasks and displays them on a weekly, monthly or 3 month calendar view.


Engineer.Tree can show parent-child connections between entities stored in an iSheet (Org Charts, Company Holdings, etc) as well as entitly status information and drill down click actions to the underlying data.