Our Approach

> Guiding Principles

Engineer.Legal works with AMLAW and Global firms to provide seamless client-facing technology experiences from authentication, through content delivery and long-term engagement.

Start with why

Understand and document objectives, success factors and challenges then use them to guide decision-making

Engage clients/users

Validate demand and assumptions early and often. Don't been afraid of feedback on early prototypes

Understand the competition

Ensure the project compares favorably in the competitive landscape

Assess your tech stack

Understand what tools are available and the constraints on acquisition


Rapid Application Development or similar methodologies can help identify showstoppers early


Track requirements, scope changes, and feedback throughout the project


Ensure non-technical users are empowered by diagramming key components


Keep stakeholders updated and minimize wasted effort by establishing a collaboration protocol

Phased approach

Deploy your MVP to live and have a plan for the next stage of features instead of a "big bang"

Plan for scope creep

Work with flexible tools that accommodate the anticipated "one more thing..."